As the holiday season arrives, many buy airline tickets to travel to their loved ones or to relax in a nice place. Hackers are eager to exploit this urge of people by creating websites (phishing domains) of major airlines to steal personal and payment information. Normshield’s 2018 Airlines Phishing Report reveals how many potential phishing domains are registered just in 2018.

More Than 1,300 Potential Phishing Domains

Key Findings

  • 50 major airlines all around the world are studied in the report.
  • 1,300+ potential phishing domains are registered in 2018 so far and expected to exceed 1,600 at the end of the year.
  • 15% reduction in the number of potential phishing domains compared to 2017 but caused more damage.
  • Certified potential phishing domains registered are doubled compared to ones registered in 2017.

Phishing domains pose a significant cyber risk for major airlines. Learn how many phishing domains for major airlines there are and how to find them in Normshield’s 2018 Airlines Phishing Report.